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        • Segre Mask N99, image 1
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        Segre Mask N99

        The Segre N31000 is a comfortable and durable N99 mask, with adjustable nose clip and straps for a superior fit.

        There are two main classes of filtering facepieces: N95 and N99.

        The Segre N31000 sits in one of the highest classification for a mask: N99. In order to achieve this classification, tests are performed on the mask to measure its filtering efficiency and the maximum level of inward leakage.

        The mask is also subjected to breathing resistance and skin compatibility test.

        Segre N31000 is NIOSH approved.


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        • Latex Free Rubber Elastics
        • ABS plastic parts
        • Elecrostatic filter media layers in meltblown polypropylene with PET support
        • Mechanical PTFE membrane
        • Alluminium Nose piece
        • Comfort foam in polyurethane


        NIOSH Approval number TC-84A-911
        Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)
        Filtration for particulates
        individually bagged