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        • SPM900 FFP3 Face Mask Sterilizer, image 1
        • SPM900 FFP3 Face Mask Sterilizer, image 2
        • SPM900 FFP3 Face Mask Sterilizer, image 3
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        • SPM900 FFP3 Face Mask Sterilizer, image 5

        SPM900 FFP3 Face Mask Sterilizer

        The GVS mask steriliser is an efficient solution to sterilise FFP3 F31000 disposable masks and GVS Elipse P3 filters.

        The LED lamp inside the steriliser uses UVC, which can kill viruses in a few minutes, without damaging the mask or filter.

        It is also possible to give a fragrance to the mask using the Aromatherapy function.

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        - The UVC lamp with a wavelength of 253.7nm can disinfect with 99.9% in 10 minutes per side.

        - With the aromatherapy function you can add perfume to the mask.

        - This product has a compact design, high aesthetic value and is easily transportable, weighing 250 grams and measuring 231 x 127 x 47 mm.

        - No liquids or chemicals are used in the GVS face mask steriliser, so it is safe to disinfect masks or filters.

        - Product box, instructions and USB cable included. CE approved.


        Replacement filters for half masks
        Elipse P3/ P100, P3/P100 Nuisance
        Face masks
        Segre F31000 FFP3, N31000 N99

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