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        • SPR474 Pair of OV/AG/P100 Replacement Filters, image 1
        • SPR474 Pair of OV/AG/P100 Replacement Filters, image 2

        SPR474 Pair of OV/AG/P100 Replacement Filters

        These filters are recommended for inorganic, organic, chemical gases and dust into industrial applications.

        The gas cartridges contain specific activated carbon granules with optimised characteristics such as pore size, grain size, activity level, density etc, which provide a maximum adsorption performance and a really low breathing resistance.  

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        • Filters last up to 3 years and can be easily replaced

        • NIOSH Approval number: OV/AG/P100 84A-8078

        • With High Efficiency Synthetic Particulate Airfilter (HESPA) using Mechanical Filtration Technology

        • Offer a minimum efficiency of 99,95% or higher at 0,3 microns particle size


        Elipse models
        SPR472 (S/M), SPR473 (M/L)
        Integra models
        SPR555 (S/M), SPR556 (M/L)


        • Microelectronics (Manufacturing semiconductors)
        • Mining & metal (Copper separation desoxidation)
        • Car & Ship repair (Epoxite, Paint, Solvents)
        • Chemical Manufacturing (Making fertilizer, solvents, industrial cleaning agents, insecticides)
        • Agriculture (Pesticides)
        • Pharmaceutical & Laboratories (Powders, Viruses, Chemical agents)