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        First patent for 'Infusion device with air intake' registered by GVS

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        On 25 February 1986, GVS deposited its first patent in the medical field, relating to an infusion device with air vents, designed by Grazia Valentini, at the Provincial Office of Industry, Trade, and Crafts of Bologna.

        More than 40 years have passed since that day, but the passion and research for innovation has never changed. In fact, the Company has always been dedicated to the production of medical filters for blood treatment and filters for dialysis circuits and later on filters for transfusion sets.

        The main feature of this first device was the installation, on the channel that allows the passage of air from the external to the internal environment, of an air insufflation system, whose pumping the action allows this channel to be freed from the possible presence of solution.

        Infusion device with air vents
        Infusion device with air vents

        During the years, other several patents were deposited and registered, characterized by a unique design within the GVS product range, as evidence of the continuous commitment of the search for more efficient and innovative solutions.

        The first patent in the medical field deposited from GVS.
        The first patent in the medical field deposited from GVS.