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        GVS goes towards "plastic free"

        Turtle swims in a clean ocean

        Respect for the environment represents a crucial aspect of GVS’s way of conducting business and has always been at the core of GVS’s work.

        In all the phases of production, GVS is committed to constantly reducing its  environmental impact, responsibly managing the use of materials and the consumption of energy and water.

        GVS's commitment to creating an even more sustainable society is further realized through the "Keep our office plastic free" initiative with the aim of reducing the use of single-use plastics in its offices starting from the headquarters.

        In particular, the Group has introduced the elimination of plastic cups, replaced with personalized water bottles for employees and, in regards to dispensing, the transition from the use of classic plastic bottles to a public water filtration system.

        This confirms its active role in the development of practices based on sustainability and the affirmation of the circular economy.

        Thanks to this initiative, the plant based in Bologna alone will no longer use around 1,800 plastic cups and over 840 plastic bottles every year and will significantly reduce the use of water bottles within the company.