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        Professional Nailstation COSMO

        COSMO is the new professional table, perfect for carrying out all manner of nail treatments. It is the ideal solution for furnishing a workspace dedicated to the care and beauty of clients' hands.

        Imagined by a team of designers specialising in the sector, COSMO is the result of extensive research to produce a modern product reflecting the needs of the care and beauty world.

        A piece of furniture which boasts elegant lines, COSMO is made from innovative materials, with close attention paid to the finer details and finish of the table.

        COSMO is the only complete table which includes a natural tone LED light, two plug sockets, a plexigas shell which repel volatile chemicals and smells, a convenient chest of drawers, and a handy storage tray (accessory).

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        The COSMO table makes use of GVS’ technology, leader in the field of filtration. The table has 3 areas of suction, each supported by replaceable particulate filters.

        The filters are capable of intercepting and trapping VOC (volatile chemicals generated by varnishes, lacquers solvents and glues) as well as the powders created by the shaping of nails, down to size of 3µm, all substances recognized as being extremely damaging to the health.

        The particulate filters purify the air of all noxiois substances to prevent the risk of discomfort and illness for both client and technician during nail treatments.


        Length (cm)
        Depth (cm)
        Height (cm)


        • Beauty Salon
        • SPA
        • Nails school
        • Nails technicians


        Fenix is a composite of cellulose and state-of-the-art resins. 70% of this material is made from layers of paper, the inner ones soaked in thermosetting resins and the outer ones in the latest generation of acrylic resins, all simultaneously subjected to heat and pressure. These processes were developed in the laboratory supported by the use of nanotechnologies that modify molecular structures at the scale of nanometres, or one millionth of a millimetre. The result is a homogenous and non-porous high-density product with unique characteristics.

        Characteristics of Fenix:
        Nanotechnology treatments make Fenix surfaces, applied to unfinished panels with minimum formaldehyde emissions (Class E1, UNI EN 13986/2005): 

        • anti-fingerprint;
        • hygienic:
        • soft touch:
        • water-repellent;
        • resistant to impact and scratching;
        • resistant to solvents;
        • repairable in the event of micro-scratches;
        • bacteria-killing;
        • mould resistant.

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