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        • SPM420 Elipse®  Kit of Prefilters, image 1

        SPM420 Elipse® Kit of Prefilters

        SPM420 is a kit which includes 2 holders and 10 prefilters.

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        • Includes 2 Holders and 10 pads
        • Useful to extend the product life


        Elipse A1P3, B1P3, ABE1P3
        SPR338/SPR503, SPR425/SPR505, SPR580/SPR581
        Integra A1P3, ABE1P3
        SPR407/SPR406, SPR583/SPR584
        Elipse and Elipse Integra OV/AG P100
        SPR472/SPR473, SPR555/SPR556

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